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If you’re coming here after hearing the broadcast on NPR’s Marketplace, hello and welcome to The Consumerist, an independent consumer affairs-oriented blog in the Gawker Media Network.

Click here to view the Halliburton vs Walmart poll and click here for the ChoicePoint vs US Government poll in the “Worst Company in America” bracket. You can vote on them if you wish as well. Click here to see the results of the voting so far.

Any day on the blog you can expect to find us covering breaking consumer scams, like the ATM PIN Theft crisis that’s going on right now and no mainstream media outlets are covering. Or how the IRS is planning to allow tax preparers to sell your identities. A healthy number of entries contain cogent gripes and complaints about products and companies, as sent in by our readers. Every so often we deconstruct or “take the piss out of” an advertising campaign that catches our eye. We also cover nifty deals on goods and services, trade techniques for navigating customer service and report on how a 12-year-old found the toilet water in her local fast food restaurant contains fewer bacteria than the ice they put in your beverage and the resultant paradox, that the toilet water would make you sick if you drank it.

All this with unabashed brio, panache, and pure, unadulterated snark.

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CORRECTION: It’s come to our attention that Marketplace is an American Public Media show, not an NPR show. We’re sorry. We were confused by it being listed on the NPR site, that the producer also produces for NPR, and the fact that the show broadcasts nationally on public radio.


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  1. People Paula says:

    Consumerist is indispensable!

  2. Joel Johnson says:

    Consumerist took my lung cancer to court… and won!

  3. icky2000 says:

    Consumerist fondled me and made me feel uncomfortable.

  4. Ben Popken says:

    Jeff writes:

    Re the of Worst Corporation in America Tournament and the listing of the US Government as a corporation-

    It is interesting to note that we can now think of the federal government as a ‘corporation’ and that the current POTUS ran on a program of running the country the way a good CEO would run the country. (Did I actually write ‘good CEO? Oh, well)

    The irony arises when we recall that when the US was first founded corporations were illegal, the founders having recent memory of the stresses put upon colonists by the British corporations which effectively ‘owned’ the colonies through King’s grants, land patents and the like.

    When corporations were first permitted they were required to incorporate in each state in which they intended to do business, could enter into one business only and generally had a life expectancy of ten to fifteen years.

    In 1886 the Supreme Court, in its wisdom, decreed that corporations had similar rights to those of individuals, coup-le that with the corporate deregulation movement of the 1980s and just look at the Utopia we have become.