The Streaker Game: Get Brand Recognition Through Nudity

Okay, we kind of dig this. The Streaking Game is an excellent little flash game where you play a butt naked troll who drives a van while surfing on top. Your goal? Sneak into major sporting events and raising brand recognition for your sponsor. By flashing your placard at the audience while flapping your genitals and doing such things as playing the electric guitar, you make money, all the while being chased by Keystone Kops style bobbies eager to split your skull open with their coshes. Don’t worry… it is entirely work safe.

Finally, the perfect video game analogue to marketing whoredom. We’re sponsoring a high score contest for the football level in our comments. Winner, of course, gets nothing.

Link: The Streaking Game (Thanks, Screenhead!)


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  1. GenXCub says:

    I got about $16,000 on the football level till the boss got nosy!

  2. Bubba Barney says:

    If they did this in real life that would generate a lot of buzz if it was a new product. Paying fines and tickets for the streakers would be chump change compared to potential revenue.