ATM Scam UPDATE: Crooks Caught!

Rest a little easier, the “Russian Connection” ATM scammers have been captured.

Like we reported and you confirmed with your stories last week, the
unnamed national office retailer
was indeed OfficeMax.

But the investigation implicates other businesses, which remain unnamed.

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14 people were arrested by New Jersey prosecutors in the crime spree forcing banks nationwide to reissue debit cards to hundreds of thousands of customers.

“This was a sophisticated network,” Hudson County Prosecutor Edward DeFazio said. “These guys have been around. It looks like they figured this was a safer way to generate cash, safer than dealing drugs or other crimes.”


Now comes the hard part, getting the industry to institute the changes necessary to prevent the crime from happening again. Remember though, you can protect yourself by never typing in your PIN except at ATMs for withdrawals, instead, ask to sign a receipt.

Full scoop at CNET.
(Thanks to Stephen for the link!)


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    1. limiter says:

      I changed my pin number and canceled my debit card and the bank said “We haven’t heard anything about a pin scam, it must not be that big of a deal.”

      Glad to see my bank working hard to protect my money!

    2. Hawkins says:

      So where is the part where they arrest the merchants who were retaining the PINs?

      I asked my banker friend about this, and he said that the only possible reason that your PIN would be stored would be so that they could steal your money.

      “If I found out that a merchant was storing PINs,” said my usually-calm banker friend, “I’d rip their fucking livers out.”

    3. GenXCub says:

      Yeah. At least the “would you like fries with that?” dude at Wells Fargo was aware of something going on, but wasn’t forthcoming with details.