An Alarm Clock That’s Too Cute to Chuck Across the Room

Have some difficulty scrabbling out of bed this morning? You might want to try one of the top 10 most annoying alarm clocks.

We like the Kuku Alarm Clock, which greets the dawn by crowing and laying eggs. It doesn’t stop until you shove the eggs back up its well-designed derriere. Price: $49.95

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Top 10 Most Annoying Alarm Clocks [The Uber-Review]


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  1. AcidReign says:

    …..I used to be the snooze king, catnapping for about an hour each morning, cursing and hitting the button every ten minutes. This is kind of like drug-dependency, where one develops a tolerance. After a while, I was able to shut the thing off without ever waking up, which was an employment disaster in the making, to be sure!

    …..The best thing to do is a get a loud alarm that is located across the room. That way, you have to get up and walk across the cold, hardwood floor to shut it off. And don’t get back in bed. NEVER get back into bed… That way, you can set it when you actually NEED to get up, and you get uninterrupted, good sleep, instead of an hour of jarring catnaps.

  2. trixare4kids says:

    I have the Progression Wake Up Clock by Hammacher Schlemmer that I got as a gift last Christmas. It’s seriously *ugly as sin* and not something I would have purchased myself, based upon its looks. I almost sold it on Ebay (sorry Grandma!) but I decided to at least try it. It does indeed wake you up very gradually and gently. First with lights and aromatherapy followed by gentle sounds (something like 6 to choose from) and then if all else fails a loud buzzing. I skip the stinky genuine faux aromatherapy beads that came with it (they smell like chemicals) and use mine own along with the gentle sounds of birds. It does the trick almost every time and I find that I am gently awake long before the buzzing starts. All and all it’s a much more pleasant way to start the day.

  3. Bubba Barney says:

    I always wake up at least an hour before my alarm is set to go off. Most of the time I turn it off half awake. Ideally I get up and have a quick cup of iced coffee, go back to bed and wake up in time to get up.