Washington Mutual Unleashes Ill-Timed Debit Card Ads

That’ll go far. Every time a Russian scammer buys 1000 gross of babushkas using your stolen debit card info, you get three Lincolns!

Washington Mutual (WaMu)was one of the many banks with compromised debit card data. Rather than announce the intrusion, WaMu forcibly reissued cards and called it an upgrade.

The ad pictured is a portion of one of four ads in a in a two-page spread in today’s LA Times.

Here’s an idea: how about taking out a huge spread announcing the dangers of PIN Block Attacks to your existing customers?

Collect all four, after the jump…

The following ads, sent in by reader Pual, were on pages A8-A9. Each is a half-height ad. Paul found the ads especially curious as this is the first he’s seen WaMu advertise in the LA Times or the Orange County Register.

3 Cents Back


Footnote: “When your account is open on its anniversary date, you will receive $.03 for each debit card purchase transaction made within the last year up to $250. Minimum balance to open: $1 ($100 at wamu.com).”

Free ATM Withdrawls


Good to know ATM thieves won’t be inconvenienced by transaction surchages… but oh wait, what’s down there…

“ATM operator may charge non-refundable fee.”

Free Checking for Life


“Free checks when ordered through us; select styles available.”

Translation: Enjoy your sheets of cardboard.

Why Haven’t You Switched?


Because we like to keep our money.

New suckers only, please, as the offer is, “Not available with Free Checking accounts opened prior to 3/11/06.”

What an interesting date… two days after we started seeing this issue on sites like MSNBC.com.

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