Sprint Ambassador Phone Considers Itself a Dirty Word

Well, we like our Sprint Ambassador corporate whore phone. It works great, we haven’t had any problems and it’s totally free. And it sits in our pocket or on our desk like a cute little rock you’d find black and polished on a lake shore. Of course, we never tried to set it up as a modem, like Alan did.

“I was quickly reminded of why I left Sprint back in the late 90s: their hilariously bad customer service,” he writes.

After navigating through five people who pretended to know what they were talking about, he discovered the real reason he couldn’t get online: Sprint is putting the ‘ass’ back in Ambassador. To wit,

    “Sprint gave all these Ambassador phones a username like “ambassadorNNNN@sprintpcs.com,” where NNNN is a unique four-digit number. When you access the web via the phone’s browser, it sends that username and your pw to their server and logs you on.

    BUT when you try to access the data service using the same phone as a modem, it sends a different username (e.g., ambassadorNNNN@modem.sprintpcs.com). Unfortunately, their system prohibits usernames with obscene words in them. Can you see where this is going? They system parsed the username “ambassadorNNNN”, found the “obscene” word “ASS” in it, and refused to provision the account.”

How massively fantastic!

Sprint PCS: The Gang That (Usually) Can’t Shoot Straight [via ThousandRobots]

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BONUS LINK: If you’d actually to know about the phone’s capabilities and intriguing features, something we are obviously too slothlike to do, read the (funny) Banterist report. (Thanks to ihatebagels!)

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