Dear Chairman Mao: I Am Sick. Really.

Speaking of taking a day off of work to nurse that hangover, apparently counterfeit sick notes are big business in China.

As slacking off from the commune farm where you work is directly contradictory to the Communist ideal, the Chinese often find themselves being unable to secure absences from work for petty illnesses like fevers, stomach pains, migraines or diarrhea. Doctors who give needless sick notes for ailments like these can be fined or even fired.

So seedy entrepreneurs from the dark capitalist underbelly of Shanghai have arisen to meet the need of the people, loitering outside hospitals
to sell two dollar sick notes for common ailments, complete with legitimate-looking hospital seal. These guys should really extend their base-of-operations to pubs on Sunday night.

Link: Fake sick-leave notes for sale

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