Bike Safety Ad That’ll Crack Your Skull

“Be careful when transporting fragile goods,” reads the copy.

This Publics Service Announcement (PSA) comes from a Berlin-based campaign to advocate using bicycle helmets. Apparently over there, PSA’s still go for the jugular but it’s located a bit higher on the spinal column.

[via Advertising Design Goodness]


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  1. ExVee says:

    Well, I think the message here is obvious. Only those people whose skulls are made of eggshell need bike helemts.

  2. Paul D says:

    Wait a minute!

    What does this ad have to do with my brain on drugs?

  3. Anabelle says:

    It’s unfortunate that the ad recalls the “brain on drugs” campaign, because otherwise I think it’s startling, slyly witty, and effective. Maybe in Germany viewers don’t have the mental baggage of the U.S. anti-drug imagery.