Worst Company in America? Tier 2 Results

Look at what you’ve done.


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  1. Aaron D. says:

    You’ve switched the first tier.

    Monsanto had 1229 votes, Halliburton had 1216


  2. Aaron D. says:

    You switched the first two companies.
    Monsanto is the one with 1229 votes, and thats what people voted for against HR block.


  3. airship says:

    Though its potential for evil, both inadvertent and intentional, is huge simply because of its size, I’m still not comfortable with ‘US Government’ as an entry on a poll of ‘Worst Companies’. The government is not a company, even though the neocons now in power run it like one.

  4. scudsone says:

    I’m a little disappointed that the final contest won’t be between Haliburton and WalMart. that would really be an evil battle royal.

  5. Fairytale of Los Angeles says:

    …when we get to “Halliburton vs. the US Government,” how much difference are we really talking?

  6. julian says:

    Why are you listing the US Government and Halliburton separately? ;)

  7. Ben Popken says:

    True, Aaron, we messed up and Monsanto should’ve advanced. Totally screwed up and got confused.

    It may not be that bad, as we think 13 votes out of 1300 are within the statistical margin of error.

  8. What ever happened to America Online? I think AOL is the root of all evil. Them and News Corp (Fox, Fox News, DirecTV, New York Post, Austraila, etc, etc). :-D