Sony to Customers: Kill Others

Earlier, we here at the Consumerist were brave enough to tell you about a recent London subway PSP advertisement that gleefully encouraged Sony customers to kill themselves. We took the opportunity in reporting this to wonder whether or not Sony’s next subversive advertisement tact might be to encourage their customers to start killing people.

Exhibit B. A Sony PSP advertisement that encourages commuters to push their friends (or ugly lovers) in front of the wheels of an oncoming train. Wokka wokka!

Link: More PSP London Underground Ads (Thanks, Ben!)
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  1. Building says:

    is anyone else getting sick of reading about these sony subway ads.
    they obviously are shock factor ad’s. If they said things like “kids like psp” no one would give two fucks and the consumerist wouldnt be posting everyday, giving the psp more exposure that it would ever have on a site like this.
    quit reading into this shit, and shut up

  2. christy says:

    Can someone delete the scary man on the poster next to that one?