Razrs Pulled For Connectivity Glitches. No Blood Spilt. Sorry.

Everyone’s all about the Razr’s “cutting edge” HAR HAR HAR super-thin construction but it looks like they might’ve left something out in the design, as glitches are causing phonecalls to drop.

Motorala says the problem only affects a small number of phones but Cingular and T-Mobile have pulled the units from their shelves as of Thursday.

“In the problem Razrs, a component was misreading the phone as closed when it was flipped open, cutting off calls.”

“The glitch does not affect Razrs sold through Verizon Wireless, because Verizon uses a different [ie slightly less sucky] wireless technology than Cingular and T-Mobile.”

UPDATE: A reader writes in to say they’ve been experiencing the same issue since October 1st, which is earlier than the February posted being the defect date.

Razr Glitch Causes Sales Halt [Chicago Tribune] (Thanks to Jim!)


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  1. Danilo says:

    I’m not sure the case can be made for CDMA, which Verizon uses, being less sucky than GSM, which Cingular and T-Mo use. Buying a GSM handset gives you much more global flexibility than a CDMA handset, since GSM is deployed more often in Europe and elsewhere (Sure, you’ll need to hax your Cingular phone to use a European SIM card, but still).

    My hunch is that the CDMA phones aren’t affected because they were produced under different circumstances with different components to accomodate the CDMA transceiver, not because the standard is a better (or worse) choice.

  2. Ben Popken says:

    Bennae writes:

    I bought my first RAZR from Cingular (@ Best Buy) in June or July of 2005 and returned it within the month for a newer version that didn’t drop my calls as frequently. Surprise! It was just as bad and in addition to dropping calls (between two stationary callers), it would reboot itself periodically. I was new to Cingular service, and I figured it was just a Cingular issue. I would be dropped up to 4 times in a 20 minute call, both of us sitting still. On the road it was much worse. Occasionally, my phone would reboot during those drop-filled calls. I chalked it all up to poor cellular service, which was the excuse given to my by Cingular tech support-after all, I live near the Rocky Mountains, and they cited that as the cause for frequent drops.

    I was charging my battery on Friday, March 3, and watched as it rebooted itself and proceeded to flicker on and off for about 5 minutes. The phone was closed at the time. I was reading about the RAZR recalls as this happened. I’ve since read a half dozen articles, and they all state that the problem began with phones shipped Feb 1! I’ve been having this problem since October! I called Cingular support on Friday and arranged to have a new phone shipped, but I think I’m going to ask for a different brand altogether.

    I read somewhere that Cingular was providing loaner phones-maybe I’ll get lucky and get one that actually works.

  3. jmac32here says:

    If you wish to state that CDMA is superior…let me point out one fact.

    CDMA requires a tri-tower connection for proper service, without it you are guarenteed dropped calls..since the technology uses a solid connection to the tower..the handoff is harder.

    GSM uses a pulse connection, meaning it only needs one tower to work right..the handoff is softer and drops less often during single tower to single tower handoff. Try that with CDMA…oh yea..it wont let you.