Razrs Pulled For Connectivity Glitches. No Blood Spilt. Sorry.

Everyone’s all about the Razr’s “cutting edge” HAR HAR HAR super-thin construction but it looks like they might’ve left something out in the design, as glitches are causing phonecalls to drop.

Motorala says the problem only affects a small number of phones but Cingular and T-Mobile have pulled the units from their shelves as of Thursday.

“In the problem Razrs, a component was misreading the phone as closed when it was flipped open, cutting off calls.”

“The glitch does not affect Razrs sold through Verizon Wireless, because Verizon uses a different [ie slightly less sucky] wireless technology than Cingular and T-Mobile.”

UPDATE: A reader writes in to say they’ve been experiencing the same issue since October 1st, which is earlier than the February posted being the defect date.

Razr Glitch Causes Sales Halt [Chicago Tribune] (Thanks to Jim!)

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