Get 5 Free .Info Domains From 1and1

Get ’em here.

A few words of caution…

Registration requires a credit card. They will put a $6 charge on the card and then immediately reverse it. Some people have reported extreme difficulty in getting their account canceled with 1and1 (lame ads aside, we prefer godaddy). Others report a lackluster customer service. Also, the domain is only free for a year. After that, the standard rate applies.

Plus, you’re then stuck with a .info domain when you really just get 1) a .com and 2) a thesaurus.

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  1. claussen says:

    AVOID 1and1 like the plague! Their “technical support” is outsourced to the Philippines. Their billing department is in the US, but you would never know it. Credits never get applied to your account, and they suspend your account when they don’t apply credits to cover your account.

    They are cheap, but not cheap enough to deal with. Find another solution.

  2. justdan says:

    I just ran into this problem myself. Definitely avoid.

  3. Outlandish says:

    I have been attempting to correct an issue with 1&1 for months (since March). We have routinely paid our bill through PayPal. For some reason 1&1 is not able to ‘take’ the payment in this manner; I’ve made every change required and verified the changes with 1&1 Technical Support and with PayPal. The payment continued to not be taken. Each time I have tried to correct this – and to pay the bill with a credit card – I was told that the best way would be to just retry the PayPal account. Each time the same thing has happened.

    Now I have been informed that the account has been locked because it has been sent to collections. We were never contacted regarding this! No e-mail – nothing. They have our phone number and I have repeatedly provided my personal cell-phone number to your representatives to inform me if there was anything additional that was needed to correct the issue. The reason I never heard anything can perhaps be explained because I was speaking with someone in tech support and not billing.

    I spoke to a young lady in billing on Thursday July 10, 2008 regarding this – Amber – who was also hard to understand as well as rude, indifferent to the issue and treated me like a dead-beat. I asked to speak with a supervisor and was told that one was not available. When I pressed this I was placed on hold and then was told that the supervisor was not available but told her to let me know that the problem was with PayPal and not them. This went nowhere. I let her know that was not happy with her response and the extreme lack of customer service – and specifically that she treated me like a deadbeat. This made no difference and she didn’t even bother to apologize or change her tone.

    She insisted that I contact collections but did not give me the number or offer transfer me.

    I called tech support again on Thursday indicating that billing was of no help in resolving this issue and was told that a member of management from billing would be contacting me by phone. Obviously no one called. I also used the e-mail contact on the 1&1 web-site to notify someone of the problem and heard nothing.

    Over the weekend we received two collection letters from NCO each for a different amount. There is no date on either one.

    In attempting again to correct this issue this morning I learned that their tech support is in the Philippines; they were hard to understand but tried to be helpful. They recommended that I speak to someone in billing. I contacted billing and indicated that I wanted to pay the account and have these collection letters retracted. The young lady I spoke with was polite but could do nothing.
    I have been attempting to contact someone in the management chain at 1&1 to correct this. I understand that that is virtually impossible and that the only way to contact them is by e-mail.

    I have no confidence that the response – based on all that I’ve experienced to date – will be any different.

    That is if they respond.

    Avoid. And BTW you can contact Andreas Gauger, 1&1 Chairman of the Board at: ‘’ – say hello!

  4. Brian Roces says:

    I just sent this to andreas and to the billing and support depts.

    It is now 24 hours from my phone call with technical supoprt and I’m very upset that I cannot get a simple resolve to my technical issue. I tried to use your self service tool to change my IP address for DNS nameservers on Monday night and it is now Thursday night. My customers are not very happy to have no server or service because of your issue.

    I’m frustrated that I cannot escalate this to the right people who can fix this in a timely fashion.

    Once even this gets fixed, my DNS information will still take 48 hours to propagate, and I will have been out approximately 1 whole week due to your error.

    Please let me know what kind of billing refund or compensation I can expect to receive because of your mistake. This has been a very simple mistake yet very costly to me as a small business owner and I am me consider changing registrars because of this costly mistake.