Walgreens Pharmacists Mock You Behind Your Back

How would you like to see this on your bottle of meds?

CrAzY!! She’s really a psycho!!! Do not say her name too loud, never mention her meds by names…

Janey Karp sued Walgreens over the above comments appearing on a patient information sheet attached to her latest bottle of Ambien.

“A person has the right to have whatever medications they’re taking to be private,” she said. “I’m so private that I never talk about my medications and now they’re telling me that I’m psycho, crazy.”

Walgreens apologized profusely and is actively investigating. The notes were first entered in September, 2004. Walgreens’ new prescrption computer system links all 5,122 stores into a one network. Who knows how many have seen and read the deragatory comments…

Or how many other shoppers have slanderous remarks listed on their patient profile.

Woman Sues Walgreens over Insulting Prescription [Sun-Sentinel]