Target Wants to Sell You a ‘Monkey Full Bedskirt’

A strange glitch on the online Target gift registry service is causing one bride-to-be’s registry to display something odd. Right next to “Pyrex 16-pc. Starter Set” and “KitchenAid 2-qt. Red Teakettle” there’s a skillet listed as “Monkey Full Bedskirt.”

Robyn Allen asked Target via the contact form to fix her list but as of this morning it was still there. [Archival here]

“I’m sure the bridal shower guests will be suitably confused when they go to print out my registry,” says Robyn, “but maybe that will make things more interesting.”

Odd. But at least now we know where to get the full monkey bedskirt to compliment our demi and mini monkey bedskirts.

UPDATE: There’s definitely something funky going on with Target’s cast iron cookware, as seen in this very heavy looking, “Chenille Throw” [archival here] and this culinary inspired “Swimmingly Purple Art Box.” [archival here] (Thanks to Christopher!)

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