China Fights ICANN With New Domain Name System

The Chinese — weary of America’s control and insistence on Roman characters for domain names — have decided to set-up their own competitor to ICANN for domain names.

Although American officials are claiming the move is in the aim of China’s ongoing censorship of Internet sites, it’s worth pointing out that China already is fully censoring the Internet for its populace. It really doesn’t need to have Chinese character domains to do so — really, it just doubles the work.

The real issue is probably China’s objection to American control of ICANN — it’s hardly as if the Chinese are the only people unhappy about that. Given the U.N.’s staunch history of effeminate hand-wringing, their wimpy pandering towards totalitarian regime and their history of ignoring problems until they are too big to solve, many of us are frankly skeptical that the U.N. should take control of anything, let alone the free flow of information. But we’re also definitely positive that America shouldn’t have total control over the Internet, especially given the gross breaches of privacy that we’ve seen lately.

Link: China seeks a US-free web full of new characters


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  1. Vulcan says:

    The Internet is a direct byproduct of the Department of Defense, no spun free and worldwide.

    I don’t have a problem with “Americans” running it, as those “Americans” are independent and not an arm of our government bureaucracy.

    Big difference. Can you imagine the kind of censorship that would occur if other nations played in the decision-making process? The United Nations charter on human rights has an exception for “free speech.” It’s free, unless it goes against the aims and goals of the U.N.

    Once ICANN passes some of the authority overseas, it’s a slide down that slope to U.N. oversight. And they will start censoring news coverage they don’t like. It’s in their charter.

  2. adamondi says:

    I get so tired of people complaining about American control of ICANN. The damn thing works, doesn’t it? Then leave it the heck alone. If we go pandering to anyone who has a stick up their butt about American control of things, then the internet will go down with frustrating regularity. Leave the DNS alone, and let ICANN keep running it. The people at ICANN should get freaking awards for all the crap they have had to put up with lately.

  3. mrscolex says:

    I agree with previous posters.

    We funded it
    We created it
    We held it together.
    We invited everyone on to party.
    It aint broken
    Don’t try to fix it.

  4. madderhatter says:

    Got my nod as well. Don’t like it ? Don’t use the internet … or just start typing in random IP numbers and see what ya come up with. Bah, we don’t need no stinkin’ DNS !

    Let the chinese do whatever they want … let them have “their” internet and the rest of us will keep ours. Just don’t ask me to let you use my proxy in Antigua. :o)