Bits du Jour Enables Discounted Daily Downloads

Bits du Jour is a new site that will offer one discounted download for one day. It’s like Woot! except for software or memberships. It remains to be seen what they’ll be able to line up, but if you want to be on the front lines in case this is good and for reals, sign up at

It’s gotta be good. The site design boasts rounded rectangles with drop-shadows!


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  1. mikelite says:

    just like I have a feeling these two aren’t the last woot imitators we’re gonna be seeing.

  2. AcidReign says:

    …..That’s got to be one of the most uninformative websites I’ve ever checked out! How good could it be, compared to tucows, snapfiles or CNET’s Looks like a money-siphon for the gullible, to me!