Crybaby NTP Finally Settles Blackberry Patent Dispute

Slightly old news, but the stone-faced-stand-off-to-first-blink between Blackberry maker Research in Motion (RIM) and NTP over vague patents to send email from portable devices is finally over. Which is great news for the consumers who’ve been nervously caught in the crossfire.

RIM agreed to pay NTP $612.5 million in a settlement, after Judge James Spencer threw a righteous cow over the absolute juvenility of the entire dispute.

NTP, weeping the tears of martyrs all the way to the bank, have gone on record as stating they aren’t happy with the settlement but will stoically cry themselves to sleep on beds made of money for the good of the nation.

Link: Blackberry Settles Patent Dispute


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  1. chooki says:

    $612.5 million. I’m all against patents like this. It’s highway robbery, ‘stealing’ someone else’s ideas whom you’ve never met, never seen. It’s ridiculous.

    If I ever have a great idea, then I’ll change my mind. Then I want what’s coming to me..

  2. Phil Ulrich says:

    Ehm… RIM makes the Blackberry. RIM’s patent dispute was with NTP. Further, it was $612.5 million, not $6.5 million. Are you reading something different than what you linked to?

  3. Thanks. Fixed.

  4. lgf says:

    Here’s a good article on the whole dispute between these two and what a “patent troll” (in this case NTP) is: