Massive Citibank Fraud Alert: UPDATE

Citibank may bee trying to keep this huge scandal so under wraps that they haven’t even disclosed it internally, leaving Citibank workers just as clueless as to why many customers can’t access their accounts in Canada, the UK and Russia. Is there a systemic security breach?

An anonymous Citibank, Chicago employee writes in:

“…Apparently as employees have no details either. A client came into the branch late last week, she was travelling in Candada, and her card stopped working for no reason. She called up Citiphone (the consumer help line – they’re terrible), and they gave her no reason as to why the card was blocked, and had a new card sent to our branch. Since she was in Canada, this really didn’t help her out one bit.

Your article was the first that I heard of this. When she came into the branch to pick up her new card, there were no notes on her account stating why her card was blocked in the first place. There was no internal memo or email sent out regarding this fraud issue. It’s sad that as an employee of the largest financial institution in the world, I had to find out about this on Consumerist.”

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