Citibank’s ATM Crisis Merely Extends “Money Don’t Matter” Campaign

Here’s a spoof of Citibank’s hoary “Live Richly” ad campaign, penned by Adfreak’s Tim Nudd.

As he points out, the long burner is ripe for a fall with its insouciant counterintuitive position.

When you’re rolling down 6th in your Bentley fueled by liquefied $1000 bills, it’s truly the little things that matter. Like whether your diamond-studded pocket-rocket has full batteries (also coated in diamonds).

Let’s get Farked! Add your own “Live Poorly” spoofs in the comments and if they’re awesome, we’ll mock ’em up and post ’em.

A great way to vent about Citibank locking you out of your ATM account and not telling you about it.

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