3rd Party Phishing Scam

B.L. Ochman tips us off to a type of Paypal phishing scam to watch out for. She received a Pay Pal receipt lookalike for a watch from a company called Omegamove. The amount was for $395.85 and was to be shipped to one James Dickinson. Presumably, the scammers think you’ll see that, say, omg, I didn’t order a $400 watch and follow the link to dispute the order. After which, you enter in your Paypal info and they steal it. Paypal has confirmed the email to be a phish and is investigating.

See for yourself over at Whats Next Blog.


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  1. AcidReign says:

    …..Oh, yeah. That sort of email can surely rattle your cage! Panic! Rage! Cuss! But don’t click the link. Ever! Go to Paypal and check your account. If you have one. I hear too many complaints about Paypal to bother fooling with them…

  2. SeekBalance says:

    This is pretty old…