Nintendo DS Lite’s Japanese Debut

Everyone who got burned on the original Nintendo Gameboy Advance debacle felt the existential yawning of deja vu when Nintendo recently announced that, less than a year after launch, they were shrinking down the size of their Nintendo DS handheld and making the screen better. This was after previously ensuring all of us that the device was Panglossian in its perfection and could not be foreseeably improved. What a perfect way to burn the customers who made Nintendo’s experimental console a success — try to sell them the same product again a year later with the form factor that the product could have been in the first place!

So this news report, straight from Japan, of the Nintendo DS Lite’s debut is our way of putting sweet little kisses on the gaping wound of our disemboweled wallet.


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  1. factotum says:

    Americans can buy this right now at

  2. GenXCub says:

    From Tycho at penny-arcade:

    “As I’m sure comes as no surprise to the long-time reader, my resolve as regards the DS Lite did not, could not hold. Shortly after I made the purchase, it was announced that Ice Blue and Enamel Navy had been postpwned and my order was quickly shifted from the latter to Crystal White. I didn’t really want Navy anyway, I wanted black, so I just got the darkest one. Of course, black won’t be available until you’ve already purchased something from the first wave. That rasping sound you hear is Nintendo president Satoru Iwata cackling on his obsidian throne.”

  3. Timbojones says:

    Burn customers by re-selling the same product in a smaller package? Perhaps.

    All I know is that now the original large form factor => cheap. Maybe this is the way Nintendo will get me on their handheld bandwagon.

  4. Johnny says:

    Good Lord, those subtitles were funny. If you were like me and didn’t realize the video was a joke, give it a click. Hilarious.

  5. AcidReign says:

    …..The DS is evil. You give your kid your WEP key so he can hook his up to your wireless, and the next time you check your router interface, there are nine little neighborhood DS junkies gloming off your connection. Urchins. I need WPA.