New, Gayer, $10 Bill is FABULOUS

Plunking down the paper just got a little more fun with the introduction of the new, swishier, $10 bill yesterday.

As if having Alexander Hamilton, former Secretary of the Treasury wasn’t gay enough (hellooooo, male secretary!), they added dramatic touches of orange, yellow and red colors to the $10 bill as anti-counterfeiting measures. That leaves just Blue, Indigo and Violet to make a truly friendly and fetch ROYGBIV currency.

However, no plans are in the works for colorizing the $1 bill. A shame. Our eyes will have to look elsewhere for color and distraction on nights out at the Pink Carousel.

New, More Colorful $10 Bill to Debut [Digg]


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  1. RandomHookup says:

    So is this a lead-in for the new $3 bill?

  2. airship says:

    When they do colorize the one, I hope they add rouge, eyeliner, and lipstick to George. He looks so drab now. He needs a makeover.

  3. Scott says:

    There are plans for a new $5 bill, too, and as if having a picture of Lincoln on it weren’t black enough (yo, freed the brothas!), they pimped it out with oversized gold-leaf borders, know what I’m sayin’, and full use of ebonics, or whatevah.

    However, there are no plans to make the $1 bill any Jewier (oy, so cheap with the wooden teeth!), so I guess giving away the pennies we’ve picked up off the sidewalk will continue to be our mitzvah of choice.

    There has been talk of an even more retarded fifty-cent piece, depicting Kennedy après head wound, but it was decided that idiots wouldn’t get the irony……………….

  4. American Money sucks.

    They keep updating and adding “color” but it’s all still boring and almost totally green and yellow. Ooooh, there’s an orange circle in the corner. How daring.

    This is why our economy is in the toilet. American money isn’t any fun to spend. Have you guys been to Europe lately? Their money looks like something you’d buy for your kids to play with. It’s FUN. I had no concept of how much I was spending in Paris, not (only) because I’m a spendthrift, but because when the money seems pretend, you don’t mind spending it.

    Don’t even get me started on Swiss money. That shit looks like it’s from OUTER SPACE.


  5. x23 says:

    they think i’m aaron burr the way i’m droppin’ hamiltons.