Dropkick the Cellphone Contract

There’s a “Roaming Hack” article which posits a way to get out of your cell phone contract without paying a termination fee. Basically, make it unprofitable for the cell phone company to keep you as a customer. To do this, use up hundreds of minutes in a roaming area. Many carriers cover roaming costs and so they will end up losing big chunks of money over time under this system, the blog alleges.

Seems like a good idea, in spirit. In practice, a complete waste of time.

Here’s some other ideas.

Tell your provider you’re moving overseas, to say, Madagascar. They can’t force you to stay in contract if they can’t provide service.

If subterfuge isn’t your thing, check out Celltradeusa.com. They match up people who want to exit their cell phone agreement with people who want to get in at a reduced rate.

Put your cellphone through a Pentagon strength shredder. It won’t actually wean you from the cellular teat but you’ll feel better and the fine powder can be used for all the arts and crafts projects you’ll have time for in debtor’s prison.

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