Round 7: Google vs. Sony BMG

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RaginCajun nominated Google for, “selling out in China and trying to hold itself above copyright laws.”

Sony get up on the block for, “illegally damaging thousands of PCs with their rootkits. (Rootkits that, ironically, illegally contain code copyrighted by others.) Then lying about it. Then downplaying it. I don’t think they’ve even released a fix for the rootkit yet, have they?” – Jonathan Hartford



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  1. airship says:

    Are you guys chugging bottles of that new Nyquil formulation? Google vs. Sony?!? Sony, who infected gazillions of computers – including many in corporations, government, and the military – up against Google, who just bent the rules a little to get in the front door in China? It’s not like they’re Yahoo, who turned people over to the government to be sent to prison for decades. While Google has gone from ‘Don’t Be Evil’ to ‘Don’t Be Evil, But Be Kind of Wishy-Washy’, Sony is pure unadulterated wickedness on a stick. No contest, here.

  2. Danilo says:

    I think in terms of Potential Evil, Google is the clear winner. However, Google is exceptionally competent, and I respect that. Sony BMG is a cluster of inept headless chickens who have no qualms about messing around with their customers’ most expensive electronics. In the High School of Corporate America, Google would be shoving Sony BMG’s pasty, anti-social ass into a locker on a daily basis.

    Which really means this isn’t the best matchup, as airship suggests. Still, I enjoy any opportunity to see those clowns at Sony BMG get pounded by blogs.

  3. mrscolex says:

    I think this was smart, because it lets us reflect on the fact that even though Google’s larger effect on culture is much more subtle and insidious, Sony was the much more egregious offender.

    In the short term it would certainly seem that Sony is worse, but some day when we’re looking back on 20/10 hindsight Google will be the clear winner (loser?).

  4. drsmith says:

    I said it before: Google’s not evil because of their work in China. They’re just doing business like any business would do – if the laws of China necessitate censorship, they have to comply. It’s certainly not Google’s job to change China into a democracy.

    That said, I think the issue is way overblown. Sony vs. Google? Do you really need to have people vote on this? It would seem to me the outcome is obvious.

  5. CTSLICK says:

    This ones easy, Sony BMG in a landslide

  6. OkiMike says:

    Sony is like a greedy proctologist.

  7. Timbojones says:

    Odd… the text percentages put Sony in a formidable lead around 95/5, but the bar graphs look more like 70/30.