AMC Kicks Laughing Puppet Out of Pink Panther

AMC movie theaters are under fire for the egregious crime of kicking Florida resident Matt Brown out of their theaters for laughing too hard during a recent showing of The Pink Panther remake.

Obviously, given the fact that this is someone enjoying the Pink Panther remake we’re talking about here, we don’t really need to tell you that Matt’s just a little bit retarded. Specifically, Matt has Angelman syndrome, also known as “the laughing puppet disorder”.

We’re a little loathe to just totally condemn AMC here. Even the advocacy groups commenting in the article aren’t really all that quick to do so. AMC was responding to numerous customer complaints, from patrons who felt their tormented experience was being mocked by the overzealous braying five aisles back during a showing of a patently unfunny movie. On the other hand, we’d like to think that if we were in that theater with Matt, we’d get a kick out of the fact that he was having a good time.

So overall, we’re pretty much on the side of Matt’s mother here, who rampaged back into the theater to chew the audience out after her son was kicked out of the theater: AMC’s customers are a real bunch of assholes.

Link: When Are Laughs Too Loud For A Movie? over at The St. Petersburg (Florida!) Times.

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