Free Sprint Ambassador Phone is Here So We Put Down the Knife

We were going to pieces but our whore money/payola/free Sprint phone finally arrived.

These are the box contents. Wow, look at all that.

The phone itself is light. The screen is hi-rez and bright. There’s a cover over the battery charging area. It hangs on by a little rubber strap that’s pretty ingenious. An iPod-like play wheel sits on the face.

We’ll tell you what exciting things happen next.

UPDATE: We are charging it.


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  1. Smoking Pope says:

    Did it come with the knife? And a list of people critical to Sprint?

  2. Danilo says:

    I appreciate the kitchen knife thrown in for scale.

    Or is that also included in the box?

  3. SamC says:

    It’s for seppuku later.

  4. CTSLICK says:

    Only you guys would use a knive for scale…ROCK ON!

    Am I the only who’s just a little jealous here. I mean Sprint Cust. Service has certainly pooped on my head a few times but those gaffs aside there service works pretty well and I like several of their newer phones, including this one.

  5. Jeff says:

    Got my phone a couple days ago. I’m starting to feel less important with all the blogs popping up about it.

    But when I get start to feel like I don’t matter, I just watch some live TV on my phone and everything is okay.