Stop Buying Ringtones

Nifty lil HOWTO on putting ringtones on your cellphone without paying $5 or getting snookered into a monthly cellphone download club.

However, if you decide to put ‘Crazy Frog’ on your phone, you are a bad person.

Stop Paying for Ringtones [WIRED]


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  1. Danilo says:

    Good work, posting this link. I am eager to see the moronic business of ringtones crushed.

    It’s a lot easier to customize your phone as a consumer now. If you really like to customize the heck out of your phone (as I do), I definitely recommend RAZR. If you have a Mac, it’s as easy as pairing with the phone via Bluetooth and browsing its filesystem. You can transfer short bits of MP3 onto the phone via drag and drop and build your own wallpapers in Photoshop and brand your phone with a personal or company logo. It’s also easy to get camphone pictures back off of the phone to your desktop via this method.

    This ease of pimping is a far cry from the olden days, when I was stuck with Sprint’s Sanyo phones. Those suckers required special cables, special software and ridiculously obscure image and audio formats.

  2. Jesse says:

    Eliot Van Buskirk (who wrote the article) used to be my boss at CNET. Very cool guy, and you should buy his book.

  3. gunnk says:

    I do this via iTunes on my PowerBook along with GarageBand: just make sure you import back from Garageband into iTunes as MP3.

    Very nice to be able to pick the section of the song you want with the bitrate you want. I use a selection from “Feel Good, Inc” (Gorillaz) that no one else would likely choose: a lovely little acoustic guitar riff (windmill, windmill…)

    Save money AND get what you really want! What’s not to love?

  4. Josh Cohen says:

    I’m a radio producer. My wife just got a Razr V3. She will never have to download a ringtone, because I can make them.