Introducing Your Editor, Ben Popken

Let’s all give a warm, but slightly abrasive welcome to Ben Popken, the new editor of The Consumerist. Ben previously was the editor of the advertising blog The Spunker, is “up with people,” and lives in Brooklyn, the home of enough mangy shopkeeps to keep him fussy far beyond societal norms. Ben’s been the driving editorial voice of The Consumerist for nearly two weeks and is doing, as they say, a heck of a job.

Joel isn’t going away, though, but will remain as a sort of lurking, gelatinous overbrain, exposing little physical movement, but quivering with the periodic thrum of profundity. Also, he’ll probably keep doing the Morning Deals Round-Up, once he’s had his tea. He can still be reached at joel@gawker, while Ben has inherited tips@consumerist.

Happy kvetching!

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