I Love A Good Starbucks Product Invasion In The Morning

Some people don’t like the rich, creamy, fascist flavor of Starbucks. To voice their disfavor Areyougeneric.org spray mounted this poster next to a new Starbucks.

Normally we
re not into anti-consumer agitprop but this one butters the biscuit. It
s actually a bit funny and informed instead of vacuous and whiny.

Thinking. We like that. More pix after the jump.

“Don’t bitch about corporate coercion, do something about it. Send a letter or better, send a photograph accompanied by a short note to make your point,” informs the site.


We couldn’t agree more. Don’t be a sniveling bitch. Got a problem? Do something about it. It’s not hard to shoot off an email to a company you’ve got beef with.


More at Are You Generic’s thoroughly well-put-together site, because being an anti-consumer activist takes good design and dollars.

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