CSR Hacks: Secret Codes to Get a Human Quickly

Check out gethuman.com’s database of secret numbers and codes to quickly get a human on many company’s customer service lines. It’s an evolution of the original-flavored Interactive Voice Response (IVR) Cheat Sheet we posted about, but with lots more companies and info.

Most of these cheats either require mashing 0 repeatedly or silently lurking until the system connects you.

To reach a human at…

To reach a human at GHI, an HMO, call 212-501-4444. “Don’t answer, it takes about three cycles of loop.”

For Bellsouth (Repair), call 877-737-2478. “As soon as the IVR starts press 0 once every second until you are told you’ll be transfered to a representitive.”

For McDonald
s, call 1-800-244-6227 and play the sounds of five, beef tallow dipped, sacrificed virgins being sold to Hindus.

Gethuman.com is completely run by volunteers and relies on submissions to grow its database. Of the site’s intent, Mr. English said, “I want companies to wake up and ask themselves, ‘How did we ever let it get this bad?’ “

For, if the IVR is such an efficiency, then how about all the times you dial in all your requested info to the phonebot, only to have the human ask you for the same information?

The best way to cut call center costs is not by outsourcing to Pakistan. The best way to cut call center costs is to be a good company, do your job right and be nice, especially if there’s a flub.

Check out the cheat sheet and more at Gethuman.com.


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  1. SecureLocation says:

    There are also “secret” numbers for eBay and Amazon. Just Google “eBay phone numbers” and scroll down until you find the “unofficial” numbers folks have published. They always work for me.

  2. Tex Texerson says:

    I once asked a CSR why I was always required to give my phone number after having entered it in the IVR. She said it was only used in the IVR if you were connecting to a specific department. Of course every department I’d ever connected to asked me, so I got into the habit of just dialing 555-555-5555.

    Rogers (Canada) have plugged that hole — Their new voice-activated system complains if you enter a phone number that has no account.