HOWTO Buy a Laptop on Ebay

Solid article here on purchasing a notebook computer online. Much of the advice is common sense but are good reminders to review when salivating over the latest i-Thingy, like verifying the repair history, seeing if there are any dead pixels, and making sure the CD/DVD drive isn’t filled with peanut butter.

One scam noted is how some ebay long cons build a positive transaction history by selling lots of little items, then go for the big score with big ticket item (like a laptop). Beware. Become active, too. Instead of saying “A super double awuesome plus plus double good rockstar echo charlie” say, “15-inch powerbook worked great! Thanks for the transaction!” Consumer generated databases, like feedback, are only as strong as tag sluts make them.

How to Buy a Notebook on eBay (and other online marketplaces) [NotebookReview]

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