Converse Lets You Design Your Chuck Taylors, Just Like Big-Time Rap Stars!

If you’re possessed by an attraction towards nostalgic ankle-breakers, you may enjoy designing your own “Chuck Talyor” aka “Chucks” aka “Converse All-Star” shoes here.

3-4 weeks and $45-$65 + $7 shipping later, your personalized pair arrives.

You can even add your own ID, as long as it doesn’t say any trademarked/offensive words, phrases or color combinations or ruthlessly guarded celebrity names, like “Heidi Klum” (whose father recently tried to sue a blogger for using the name, trademarked, in a blog post title (German)).

Pictured is our special “Consumerist” version Chuck Taylor, full view here. Notice the seamless flow of butt-ugly design from website to footwear.