Sprint Will Give Us a Free Cell Phone For Our Honest Bile

Sprint just approached us to be “Ambassadors.” Basically, Sprint gives us a free Power Vision Phone and service for six months in return for our “candid feedback.”

The only thing is that Sprint Ambassador Team wanted us to be on the “Team” after visiting our blog; they are targeting us because we are bloggers. They say all they want back is our opinion, but we know they’re hoping to get a little linky and bloggy love too.

Other products that targeted bloggers include Maker’s Mark, Stormhoek Wine and Joseph Jaffe giving away a free copy of his book, “Life After the 30-second spot” to any blogger who will post about it after reading.

What do you think? Should we accept and put the “ass” back in Ambassador? Or refuse and avoid getting coated by the gunk inside Sprint’s pocket?

Also, if we join, we’ll have to walk around with a big yellow box around our head, like the fellow pictured. As well as endure, from what we’ve heard, substandard service.

It just so happens that our Verizon cell phone is totally busted and when we turn our pockets out these little moths flutter outwards and upwards.

It’s very important we maintain our aura of dubious authority.