PriceHacks: Apple and Orange Your Airline Tickets with Flyspy

Flyspy is a new search engine with the potential to revolutionize the way you shop for airline tickets.

Techcrunch, a blog for new internet or “Web 2.0” projects, got a preview and he was able to select a departure and a destination city, with the option for departure date and stay length.

The search engine quickly returned a graph of flight prices for the next month so he could compare which days are the cheapest. Booking a flight was as simple as clicking the desired graph point. To compare which departure and arrival airports are cheaper, say, JFK vs. Laguardia vs. Newark, simply punch in the data to overlay another graph and compare results.

A similar service, Farecast, is in the works by another developer but according to one commentor, Flyspy will likely beat it to market.

Unfortunately, Flyspy is currently in private beta. Sign up to be informed of Flyspy’s public release here.

[via TechCrunch]

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