HOWTO: Have Gay Shopping Sex

Homo and horny and shopping in Cleveland? Check out the Westgate mall
s second floor toilet in Kohl

…I went into a stall on a Sunday afternoon. I was stroking my cock and in less than two minutes a guy came into the stall next to mine and tapped his foot on my side of the stall. I then knelt down on the floor sliding my cock in his end of the stall. He sucked me off fast and hard! It was one of the most exciting blowjobs I have ever had!

Here’s some directions to the store.

And at one Arizona Walmart, it
s not just the worker
s wages that are going down…

I run cattle and I’m through this area frequently and I am in Wal-Mart frequently. Every single time I’ve been there I’ve gotten a blowjob by young cute guys in the evenings. Keep it up. It’s like home away from home,
writes one visitor to the Walmart on White Mountain Blvd in Show Low, AZ.

Aimee H. reports that this Walmart is indeed, “…SO busy! It is a turnoff from the beginning. The employees are SO overworked and can’t offer much help.”

Must be all that sucking off.

[via Cruising for Sex]


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  1. Mike B. says:

    My friends and I amused ourselves for days by checking out businesses in our area that were listed on . I never got lucky enough to see the gay sex happen. Most of the time it was just a boring old bathroom.

    With sites like manhunt, cruising spots aren’t as popular (or necessary) as they once were. Many of those stories on there seem pretty dubious. (We actually posted that there was hot action at our office building once for giggles.)