The Consumerist’s Poor Customer Service

So as much as it pains me—Joel—to say this, I’ve got to tell you what I did, because it’s painfully ironic.

Remember our Starbucks Contest? Remember Gregg Schultz, the winner of the contest, to who we were to send a $500 gift card?

Yeah… I totally forgot to do that. I sent it in with my girlfriend so she could ship it via UPS instead of US Mail (so we could insure it cheaply), and then neglected to ever give her Gregg’s address.

So my apologies, Gregg. It went out today.

We were already making you go back to the very place you swore you hated, Gregg. Consider this the sour cherry on top of your bittersweet mocha.


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  1. Paul D says:

    Dude. Just blame the girlfriend.

    It’s what I do.

  2. bigkens says:

    That is sweet, sweet, irony, and not in the Alanis Morisette way, either!

  3. christy says:

    Gregg, I saw this in Gawker Stalker and I thought of you (note #3):

    “Lamest trio of SoHo sightings ever: 1. Elizabeth Berkley in a cowboy hat and Uggs outside Ben’s Pizza. 2. Michael Stipe wandering aimlessly on Spring St. by himself, turning around several times and almost walking into a wall. 3. Cynthia Nixon’s girlfriend in and out of Starbucks on Spring & Varick “small coffee” to the barista who insisted on repeating her order as a “tall.”

  4. Kishi says:

    Maybe someone should start a blog writing about bad blogger-reader relations. And then I’ll start a blog complaining about that one!