Glamour Pits Stilettoed Women in Death Race for Dollars

On March 9th, Amsterdam
s cobbled streets will be filled with the clatter of stilettos as women run seventy-five meters to vie for the prize of
10,000 or 11,877.01 in U.S. torture dollars. The race is masterminded by glossy mysoginists, Glamour Magazine.

In a disappointment to the hedonistic town
s illiterate trannies, the press release reports
only woman are allowed to run and stiletto’s as well as a copy of the March fashion issue are a must to compete.

the run will have a guerrilla character.
You know how big the Zapatistas are on pop fashion.

If you
re over there loading up on absinthe for your company
s annual ides of March celebration, go here to apply to race.

Just watch those ankles.