Free Business Plan: Apartment Bloodhound

s an idea for a business for you can start for little money.

Hire yourself out as an apartment bloodhound. For like $400 a client, you scour Craigslist, the classifieds, the bulletin boards, pump the word of mouth, etc. You find places that fit your client’s needs, you visit the place to see if it’s worthwhile and report back say, 3-5 choices.

And that
s it.

No percentages, no paperwork shuffling, no exclusivity. You are simply a hogwash clearer.

Especially in New York, all you need is a computer and enough money for an unlimited weekly metro card. A digital camera wouldn
t hurt either.

Craigslist is full of lies and poorly written entries. The realtors have all the good properties snatched up. Navigating For-Sale-by-Owner deals is like writing a book report on The Illuminatus Trilogy.

The only thing we ask in return for this free business plan is a free apartment.

UPDATE: Well, bend us over and call us pro-rated, our idea might be illegal. Martha writes in to the tip line, “Some states (like the one I live in) stipulate that only licensed real estate practitioners may receive proceeds from a real estate transaction. While you may be able to make the case that your fee is not coming from the proceeds of the sale, I can assure you that the local realtors will do their best to drum you out of town. After all, that’s how realtors get their listings–by scouring classifieds and for-sale-by-owners.”

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