Best Buy Dupes Customers into Worst Mag Subscriptions

In a classic bait-and-switch, customers allege that Best Buy tells people they get a free magazine subscription and then charges them for it.

t worry, it
s absolutely free. We
re doing a special promotion
a Best Buy cashier allegedly told Chelsea Tulin at checkout.

After getting home, she checked receipt and saw at the bottom Best Buy had given her credit/debit info to Time. They also gave Time permission to charge her card after the 8 issue free trial for 24 issues at 24.95 and to auto charge renewals every 6 months afterwards.

On Time
s website you can get 84 issues for $29.95

Dawn Bryant, a Best Buy spokesperson, told the SF Gate that,
the reasoning behind this promotion is for us to give customers things they can appreciate. It
s to best serve the customer.

Tell that to the attorney generals of Wisconssin, Ohio and New Jersey, who all filed suits against Best Buy for deceptive practices.

Chelsea canceled her subscription once she saw what was happening. “It shouldn’t be up to consumers to have to stay on top of these things,” she said, “But it is.”

Magazine Offer Not a Best Buy [SF Gate]