The Secret Life of Jetblue Miles

Underneath JetBlue
s friendly fa
ade it turns out they
ve got ways to penalize you for the inconvenience of your customer loyalty, with knife twists only a shoestring carrier could muster. After the Jaunted travel blog made several passes through the
mile redemption phone system, as there’s no online version, getting told by the phone system that call volume was too high and they should visit the website, waiting on hold for over thirty minutes, and speaking with multiple reps over two days, they wrenched out quite a few hidden details. Among them:

In order to reserve your TrueBlue award you will need to do so by phone. First, you will need to tell a JetBlue representative exactly what your travel plans are. Next, you will be transferred to TrueBlue representative who will ask you the exact same questions. Finally, you will need to tell the TrueBlue rep your “awards number” in order unlock your award. Oh, and you can only get this number–wait for it–online.

Is JetBlue Starting to Suck? Part II [Jaunted]