Freebies Freakage On

s a few freebies, you skinflint bastards.

  • Something to read while sitting on the throne you built out of small connectible toy blocks, a free two year subscription to Lego Magazine.
  • Free poster of an anvil floating with the help of a balloon. Hey, it
    s free.
  • We’ve found some work for those idle hands besides surreptitiously diddling yourself. Free ten bucks for filling out a very long survey. Use the pass code F25026.3035 and make sure to capitalize the F. Go ahead, earn your lunch money.

Free Stuff [CheapStingyFreebies]


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  1. The Unicorn says:

    Whoa, you weren’t kidding about that survey being long. And kudos to you for ensuring that that company’s data will be filled with the statistically meaningless responses of people who have no idea what county of Florida they’d most like to live in.

  2. buck09 says:

    The poster pretty much exemplifies executive management… Trying to accomplish meaningless tasks with little more than hot air..