RIAA Bans Resale of Preloaded iPods

The RIAA, the recording industry
s legal strong-arm, announced to MTV.com last Friday that reselling iPods with preloaded music is
a clear violation of U.S. copyright law. The RIAA is monitoring this means of infringement.
Apparently 1) the RIAA is now a legislative body and 2) MTV is still relevant.

An Ebayer of video iPods packed with 6000+ songs has already been contacted by RIAA agents dispatched via black vinyl choppers pumping
by Clipse.

This brings to mind “dynamic” and “static” systems, as elucidated by Joseph Schumpeter in his lectures on
Evolutionary Economics and Creative Destruction.
Or at least that’s what we glean based on the book summary.

A static system is one requiring lots of effort to maintain, like a boulder held to a cliff. A dynamic system trends towards equilibrium, like a boulder in a really giant bowl. In vain, the RIAA maintains a static system. It will fall like a Berlin wall. The only question is when and how to make it into a sweet t-shirt.

RIAA Bans Preloaded iPod Resale [ FMBQ ]

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