Free Stuff on Craigslist

Here’s a bunch of free crap you can get on Craigslist: New York right now.

Free art-deco tub. Pick it up and take a bath, free!

Bunch of free yarn

Free humalog insulin. Got a transplant and no longer need.

Free wood in the shape of a desk. I built an audio workstation for myself back in college
Dissasemble to make shelves. Cut it up for project wood. Burn it. I really don’t care. Just get it out of my house.


Pitbull needs home (Bronx) FREE

Ya gets what you pays for, ya know?


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  1. Chad Cloman says:

    I use Freecycle. It’s a conglomeration of local mailing lists where people give away stuff they don’t need anymore. Works really well, and it’s so much better than throwing things away or even donating them to thrift stores.