Morning Deals Round-Up

• We know that all hard drive manufacturers are probably about the same, but we just can’t bring outselves to buy the Maxtor 300GB 7,200RPM, 16MB Buffer PATA Hard Drive. We’ve just had too many Maxtor drives bite the dust or wipe out our data. But we also suspect we may be under a very specific curse, so don’t let our hellish experience stop you. Besides, you should be buying two at a time anyway.

Amazon’s Friday Sale, including RUSHH Energy Drink with Taurine by the case for $30. We’re waiting for Limbaughh, the deceptively addictive ham-flavored sports shake.

Stackable coupons, too: CECUSTAPPRCT for 5% in Electronics & Computers; VALENTIN for $25 off $125 in Kitchen & Houswares.

• Electronics retailer J&R has their Friday sale, which would be work going through if we didn’t live in NY, where tax applies.

• Buy one two-scoop sundae, get one free at Baskin Robbins. We actually love Baskin Robbins—leave the folding to proteins, hippies!—but we don’t know if we’ll find a store by the 14th.

• DelightDeals calls to our attention a coupon good for25% off one book at Borders. You’ll have to print it out and take it in to the store, so even if you can now afford that Mapplethorpe book you’ve had your eye on, you can’t, unfortunately, order it discreetly online. Expires Sunday.

Highlights from Dealhack

Save Extra 15% off All Clothing & Accessories on-line & in-store at the Gap

Fog Machines, Bubble Makers & Snow Machines from $25 at Musician’s Friend

Save $300 off Dell Dimension Desktop PCs at Dell Home


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  1. Carlos Rodriguez says:

    Maxtor has a reputation of being a budget provider of storage. They definitely seem to have the most Internet deals for HDD brands that I happen across.

  2. AcidReign says:

    …..I’ve never had a Maxtor crap out. There are three or four in this house. Also, the Toshiba drive in my Ximeta Netdisk seems to be holding up well. (Don’t ask me about the screwed-up, single computer write-access network drivers! It does work well as an overpriced USB 2.0 portable, though!) IBM and Seagate hold the head-crash honor, and the Seagate was over a decade old and pretty much an obsolete reserve drive. The IBM deskstar was under warranty, and was replaced without question or charge. The replacement’s been fine. We’ve also had a couple of western digital drives operate flawlessly, including a new 300 gig SATA monster.