Tiananmen Square on Google.cn

One of our favorite blogs, Stay Free Daily, posted this side-by-side screen capture of the image search result for “Tiananmen Square”. The left side is from Google.fr. The right side is from Google.cn.

If any of our readers speak Chinese, could you point out to us where it says that Google has censored the results? This isn’t a snarky question – we’re honestly curious.

[Update: Thanks to Howie Wang and Steven Irizarry for pointing it out. From Steve’s email: “At the bottom of the search page (below all the thumbnail results and above the enumerated Goooooooogle results pages links) there is an italicized statement “据当地法律法规和政策,部分搜索结果未予显示,” which means, roughly, ‘Due to local laws and policies, not all search results can be displayed.'”]


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