iTunes Billionth Song Contest: Play for Free

Faithful reader Mr. Scolex writes:

Wanted to share a tip for you guys regarding the iTunes 1 billionth song download contest. Apple has made this deliberately confusing so I poured over the official rules to see what the skinny was.

I was thinking that this would be based on a random selection instead of it actually based on the timing of someone downloading the song, given the technical issues doing so. I appear to be wrong, it is most definitely based on the timing.

No word on whether that counter on their website is accurate, but if there was some way to determine if it is, then you may be able to increase your chances in some way– just as long as there aren’t any bots submitting the entries for you.

Now for the funny thing: No purchase necessary to win. Apple puts a very tiny link where you can enter via a form.

You can put in 25 per day legally according to whats on the form– so if those of you who want a good chance at winning, but don’t want to spend any money between now and 1 billion, I say start plugging them in. Its perfectly legal and doesn’t cost a dime as long as you don’t try to trick the system.