In The Face Of Famine, India’s Obesity Epidemic

This article on India’s rising obesity epidemic (partially due to the in-flux of cheap Western fast food) is sure to make you hungry. We’re tempted, in fact, to simply blockquote every time the writer succulently describes some sweet, sticky indulgence gobbled up by New Delhi’s swelling armada of obese Hindis. Apparently, it is very common for Indians to snack on “‘skim’ milk with the thickness of cream” and “muffins the size of a baby’s head” or “desserts with names such as “double excess chocolate mousse” and “penalty.”” My god, it’s full of stars. Gastronomists: time to move to India.

Really, although our quasi-journalistic duty is to cluck our tongues disparagingly at the fast food companies making India the first country in the world with both massive famine problems and massive obesity problems — it’s just so hard when the food sounds so good. So read the article and fill in the tongue clucking noises yourself. It’s actually highly entertaining. Here’s the opening quote:

When K.K. Bhagat spotted his one-time classmate, he was not sure it was her. In the past 20 years, she had gained 70 pounds. He had put on 75.

“Oh, my God, she used to be this beautiful girl. She used to be perfect. I wondered if she was the same girl,” Bhagat said as the woman frowned.

Smooooooooooooth, Bhagat.

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