Nvidia’s Derek Perez Responds

Prompted by our questions about Nvidia’s marketing practices, Public Relations Director Derek Perez sent us this response:

Hey Joel.

Boy – read your article – you couldn’t have gotten it more wrong.

Do you really not know what AEG does? Did you go to their website? Do you understand their business?

Seems before you write an editorial article on this you would educate yourself.

AEG helps us to manage the online community – we engage with some NV fans to help educate people on the web.

They are NOT hired actors!

They are NOT “shils”!

Happy to answer more questions – but it seems as if you need to do some research first.

Cheers Derek

We tried to do some research, Mr. Perez, but you seemed unwilling to respond to our emails until we posted our story this morning. But since you offered, we’ll pose the same question to you again (both here and via email): Did Nvidia hire AEG or other companies to seed online communities with undisclosed marketers posing as fans?

Here’s a bonus one: If not, what exactly do you mean by “engage with some NV fans help educate people on the web?” Are these ‘fans’ given products, money, or services to speak about Nvidia products without fully disclosing those gifts?

Pardon us if we appear to be adopting a pose of journalistic doggedness, but we’re just trying to educate ourselves.


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  1. etinterrapax says:

    Does Derek really not know how to spell “shill”?

  2. SamC says:

    Will he sue us for if we call him an assclown?

    I thought that the phrase “manage the online community” was marketing-speak for “browbeat.”

  3. Paul D says:

    Bit of a sloppy response for a PR director, no?

  4. Danilo says:

    What a thorough and exhaustive explanation! I’ve seen auto-responders that provide more thorough answers.

    Regardless, I bet they’re paying attention now.

  5. L_Emmerdeur says:

    Sounds like they hired an actor to deliver that response to you, Joel.

    And that actor was channeling George “Cantstandja!” Costanza.