Denton’s World News Round Up

Airline Pensions Under Government Review [Consumer Affairs]

Airline [Airtran] puts brakes on Vegas trips [Mercury News]

Airline watchdog nixes one-hour check-in rule [The Globe and Mail]

Service providers recycling cell phone numbers is a dirty little secret [Lazarus @ SFGate]

‘Poor service causes current account switches’ [Fair Investment UK]

Man robs bank on Villa La Jolla Drive [Sign On San Diego]


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  1. drsmith says:

    I followed both the ‘recycling cel phone numbers’ and the ‘poor services causes’ links and I don’t get it. Both stories regurgitate painfully obvious information. I mean you’d have to be fairly low on the IQ list to think that cel phone companies didn’t recycle numbers from previous customers. If they didn’t recycle numbers, we’d have to enter about 30 digits every time we called someone in the same area code.

    Why is this news?