Anti-McDonalds Advergame Misses Mark

We’re not quite sure what this “anti-advergame” from MolleIndustria is supposed to be teaching us, but here’s what we learned:

  • Running a profitable, multinational corporation takes a lot of hard work and skill.
  • Hippie, iMac-using, pot-smoking kids don’t respond well to our clown-themed marketing.
  • It’s fun to incinerate cows with a flamethrowing robot.
  • We could really go for a burger today.

Way to go, Italian anti-McDonald’s graphic artists! You’ve given us all a little more respect for the arduous balancing act that it takes to provide us with tasty hamburger-like products.

The Game Itself [Molle Industria via WMMNA]


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  1. Crap says:

    So, how long until consumerist goes the way of oddjack? What’s the over/under on that? 3 weeks?